GT-1® High Performance Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium®»

Gepubliceerd op 26-02-2017

Conventional Engine Oil for Passenger Cars, High-Performance Vehicles & Competition Engines; Fortified with Liquid Titanium™

Kendall® GT-1 High Performance Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium is a high-quality conventional engine oil designed for use in gasoline-fueled passenger cars and light trucks that do not require an ILSAC GF-4 oil for warranty coverage. Select viscosity grades are particularly recommended for use in high-performance street engines and competition engines, including both gasoline- and alcohol-fueled racing vehicles.

GT-1 High Performance with Liquid Titanium is formulated to provide excellent wear protection, to minimize the formation of sludge and varnish, and to resist viscosity and thermal breakdown, even in severe service. It also protects against rust and bearing corrosion, and is highly resistant to foaming. All viscosity grades are fortified with our exclusive Liquid Titanium additive technology for extra protection against engine wear. The Liquid Titanium additive enhancement provides increased engine protection by forming a strongly bonded titanium shield on the surface of critical engine parts, which reduces friction and wear and helps extend engine life.

GT-1 High Performance with Liquid Titanium, SAE 20W-50, also contains a boosted level of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) additive to provide additional wear protection and enhanced oxidation resistance for use in the most demanding applications. It is particularly recommended for use in turbocharged engines and in high-performance engines with flat-tappet camshafts, especially during the critical break-in period.



Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium

Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium is an enhanced, premium-tier API CJ-4 diesel engine oil formulated with an exclusive liquid-titanium technology in order to provide antiwear protection and oxidation protection. By working at a molecular level, the liquidtitanium-additive chemically binds itself to critical engine parts to reduce wear and help extend engine life. It is the only multi-grade, heavy duty engine oil of its kind.

Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium is an enhancement to ConocoPhillips Company’s industry-leading API CJ-4 synthetic blend engine oil made from an advanced, low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorous and sulfur) technology.


Titanium is already a valued ingredient in many applications and industries such as aerospace, medicine and in the military because it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It also resists high temperatures, making it a natural fit for heavy-duty trucking purposes.


Antiwear Protection – In areas of extreme, localized heat, Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium is chemically bonded to metal surfaces, which provides:
• an extra layer of protection against surface damage to crossheads, tappets, rings, cam lobes and other critical engine parts
• the potential to lower repair costs and extended time between rebuilds

Oxidation Protection – Kendall incorporated liquid titanium because it helps to inhibit high-temperature oil oxidation-a harmful process leading to deposits, corrosion, sludge and reduced performance. The strong oxidation protection in Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium helps:
• extend oil life
• improve engine performance in severe-duty operation
• reduce maintenance


Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium is engineered from advanced high-performance additives and a blend of synthetic and high-quality Group II base stocks.


Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium helps target the following diesel engine parts:
• Rocker Arm
• Turbocharger
• Cylinder Liners
• Main and Rod Bearings
• Oil Pan
• Camshaft
• Piston Rings
• Piston Ring Grooves


Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium shows reduced wear of critical parts in the severe Cummins ISB test and shows reduced wear, less deposits and increased oil-oxidation stability in other industry standard engine tests and bench tests.


Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium meets or exceeds the requirements of:
• API Service CJ-4, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, SM
• API CI-4 PLUS (SAE 15W-40)
• ACEA E9, E7-04, E5-02, E3-96 (SAE 15W-40)
• Caterpillar ECF-3, ECF-2, ECF-1a
• Cummins CES 20081
• Detroit Diesel Power Guard 93K218 (SAE 15W-40)
• International (Navistar) diesel engines
• Mack EO-O Premium Plus (SAE 15W-40), EO-M Plus (both grades)
• Mercedes-Benz Sheet 228.3, 228.31 (SAE 15W-40)
• Renault VI RLD-3 (SAE 15W-40)
• Volvo VDS-4, VDS-3, VDS-2 (SAE 15W-40)

Additionally, Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium is backward serviceable, so older engines also can receive the benefits of this premium formulation with liquid titanium.


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